Zigmundo MAXI Mix 6 x sachets 560g 

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Are you a person who enjoys quality popcorn? Do you have a party or are you going to spend time with friends at a party or watching TV?

Choose this most advantageous tasting mixed and delicious package of our large packaging bags for 12-15 people. Surprise your friends with something new - offer them gourmet popcorn Zigmundo. Bon appetite ! Mixed discounted MAXI mix of caramel, strawberry and apple-cinnamon popcorn. Free of preservatives and artificial colors. We use real cow butter to make caramel. Fragrant and crunchy popcorn made from honest ingredients and without the use of oil.

It contains 6 sachets in the following composition:

2x Lightly Salted Caramel Popcorn 100g - Own recipe and original cooking procedure of classic and sweet caramel results in great taste experience – extra crunchy popcorn with fine-brown texture and unmistakable taste and aroma.

2x Strawberry & Caramel Popcorn 90g - Intense strawberry aroma and taste in contrast with caramel and red-brown popcorn texture. After the bite, you should feel the delicate taste of strawberries followed by the taste of hazelnut-sweet caramel. All this in conjunction with extremely crunchy popcorn.

2x Apple & Cinnamon Popcorn 90g - Our Apple & Cinnamon popcorn is covered by our fine caramel coating, next layer is created by lyophilised apple and completed with aromatic cinnamon.


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