Are you a Retail company - Supermarket or Grocery - Gourmet shop - Wine, liquor and spirits shop - Gift shop - Gas station - Kiosk - Restaurant, Café, Pub - Vending machine company - Company with On-Boards snacks (trains, buses and aircrafts) - Cinema company ?

Become a Zigmundo business partner.

What can you gain with our collaboration?

• High quality, colourful, tasty, but most importantly FAVOURITE product with a rapidly growing customer base.
Delicate high-quality product with sight-pleasing, attractive design. Our products are not to be overlooked on the shelves, very easy to find and extremely teasing.

• Zigmundo customer = stable customer
Gourmet popcorn Zigmundo, is a product, which customers find their way back to on regular basis. Spread a word about Zigmundo, suggest it and create your own Zigmundo-loving customer base. By that, be sure to receive more and more regular customers for your store/ e-shop.

• We are taking care of active daily marketing and all activities to attract customers – so you benefit not only by having an attractive product in your product portfolio, but also by keep receiving new regular customers.
Our marketing team is working on today’s and tomorrow’s communication with our current and future customers. What does it mean? We are and will be keep growing, with our customer base being bigger and bigger each day. Each of our customer finding his/hers way to your store or e-shop is becoming YOUR customer, not only for Zigmundo, but for your whole product portfolio. What you gain from that, is a great marketing for your store/e-shop – there you go, use that chance!

• UP-standard rebates business condition.
We want you to grow together with us! What we do is making an UP-standard pricing, so you have a whole lot of space for placing your margin.

• Fast & Simple ordering system – forget about bureaucracy
Ordering process is very fast and simple, in your own account through e-shop. Your price offering and documents are waiting ready for you and you receive them automatically. In case you need any kind of help or advice setting you to the right direction, our support team is here for you, so do not hesitate to contact us.
• We are keep innovating our products, marketing and popcorn flavours.
Right now, new recipes, ideas and marketing activities are being cooked in our Zigmundo kitchen.

I would love to become your partner, what should I do as my next step?

1. Contact us by e-mail on
2. Tell us about a name of your company, provide a brief information about you and your contact details.
3. Our support team will get back right to you as soon as possible

The process itself is very simple and fast. We will exchange information and afterwards you will receive our price offering, account and access to our e-shop, and our collaboration is ready to begin!

We are looking forward to cooperation.
Zigmundo team