Excited to finally settle in your cosy sofa, turn on a TV and binge watch your beloved TV show? Spending a weekend with your family and friends? Sounds lovely – but let’s give it a little bit of a spice! Now this is, where we enter the scene! Gourmet popcorn Zigmundo is joining your zone to make your day even more delicious, because "Time spent with popcorn, is never wasted".

Gourmet popcorn Zigmundo is a perfect combination of a variety of home-made caramel, lyophilised fruit, the best chocolate or even cosy taste of cinnamon and apples. The question stands – why is it so special? Our popcorn production is supported by our own recipes, processes, and delicacy. We are proud to have the highest quality ingredients, no artificial flavours, or colourants, which means, you can enjoy a fully natural production process together witch absolute tastiness in every piece. Every little popcorn is carefully treated with the right amount of perfect buttery caramel, massaged through every curve of perfectly round popcorn. We consider our popcorn shape to be extraordinary by using a special type of corn and of course, a patented technology of popping with hot air from one of the most innovative manufacturers of air-popping machines. By that, we are trying to reach deliciously crunchy popcorn from the outside but melting in your mouth soft from the inside.

Now this, ladies and gentlemen, is where it gets fresh! Our product portfolio offers a fresh taste of lyophilised fruit. The process of lyophilisation or freeze-drying removes all moisture from raw, frozen fruit through a vacuum system and process called sublimation. This way, it is ensured, that all the nutrition is secured, and shelf life is prolonged. Oh no, this is not where it ends! Perfectly dry, full of nutrition fruit is crunched into a magical powder, which is massaged to our popcorn, and this is where the bright Strawberry & Caramel Popcorn comes from! Let’s dry-freeze a banana, add a sprinkle of energy dozed chia seeds on a nice caramel popcorn and voilà, there you have our youngest member – Banana and Chia Seeds Caramel Popcorn!

Is there anybody, who does not love chocolate? If yes, do us a favour and try our Milk Chocolate 50% and Caramel popcorn, or Dark Chocolate 70% and Caramel Popcorn! Oh yes, thank us later! Our chocolates is proud to wear a world approved title of Fino De Aroma, which is awarded by World Cocoa Organisation and is used in only 6% of total world cocoa production. Besides that, chocolates used in Zigmundo’s production have won a Great Taste Awards 2021. Now imagine freshly popped popcorn in a precise slightly salted caramel bath, with a rich layer of the finest chocolate. Believe it or not, this is exactly what we do, to ensure the greatest experience possible.

Now, it really can get even better. The special production of our popcorn is not an ending point for this tasty miracle! It is equally important to deliver an absolutely fresh and delicate popcorn to you! You will get nothing else, than a fantastic, popcorn filled in a special package, which is generous in its size and extraordinary in its function.
Our popcorn is packed in a tube with special protection foil base, which is ensuring the maximum protection of the popcorn delicate taste and crunchiness. With our elegant packaging, you do not have to worry about anything happening with your popcorn. You can enjoy your evening with Zigmundo repeatedly, since the solid bottom and the black lid at the top allows the tube close precisely, so you can consume the popcorn even later, if it even comes to that! In case you want to go a bit different direction, we offer the same flavours in different smaller packages. You can choose from two sizes of sachets, which are secured by a zip, to prevent the air flow and so, to keep your popcorn absolutely fresh!

If you want to make your celebrations and parties extraordinary, consider Zigmundo as a snack and be sure to be absolutely special! Selection of various flavours, which are corresponding with different coloured tubes according to what you choose, makes a great candidate of absolutely out of ordinary special gift for your loved ones. So do not hesitate to be special, because this is what Zigmundo is here for.